King of snow

Why? Heavy snowfall...

Geto is a located in a narrow section of mountains,meaning it gets a lot of snow in a concentrated area. Bowl-shaped, the resort catches windblown snow from nearby peaks,collected in the pow pocket of Geto Kogen.

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Snowfall totals over 25m

On top of mountain in 2019 season

Snow depth 5.4M

Recorded the most snow in main island of Japan for 2 consecutive weeks in 2018 season.

Snowfall totals over 30m

Recorded the most snow in Japan for 3 consecutive months at 6.5m in 2014 season.

Everyone says “let’s keep this place a secret.”

GETO is in Japan's top area for record snow cover every year. GETO's powder reset rate is in the top level of all of Japan.

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Access to here

Geto Kogen is located to the south of Iwate and is surrounded by both beautiful forests and a hot springs.Access from Tokyo and Sendai is good and can choose various means of transportation. We operate a free shuttle bus from Kitakami Station of the superexpress Shinkansen.You are late with baggage beforehand, and, as for the return, the shipment is possible, too

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From Tokyo
JR super express to Kitakami station by 2.5h

At 10 o'clock on the first train, we will stand on the slopes. Please use the free shuttle bus from Kitakami Station


From Sendai
JR super express to Kitakami station by 1h

You can get to the Shinkansen station from the airport by access line. From Sendai, you can reach Kitakami Station in 1 hour, and after that you can use the free shuttle.ts.


From Hokkaido
Domestic flight to Hanamaki airport takes 1h

You can use the Shinkansen, but we recommend flying. Please use local train from Hanamaki Airport to Kitakami Station.

Bus time free shuttle