Geto Kogen Resort 2019

650cm! The best snow quantity in Japan 2014 Season

OPEN 1st,Dec,2018 Three more treerun area from 2018 season!

Daily Report SNOWJAPAN

Trail Map
Tickets Rentals
---- Another name for Geto Kogen Snow Resort ---- King of Snow is true.
Easy access to powder snow by Gondola
Geto Kogen is located to the south of Iwate and is surrounded by both beautiful forests and a hot springs.
The resort can be enjoyed by everyone from beginners to families and experts alike.
There are two gondolas and one quadlift and two pair lifts in the skiing area.
In addition, here is hot spring facilities and skiers bed, too
This ski resort recorded the best snow in Japan in 2014

Big Mountain DeepPowder

The long course with the change.
You can enjoy powder snow by the simple access from a gondola!

Effective! 3Lifts 2Gondolas

There are two gondolas and one quadlift
and two pair lifts in the skiing area.You can access powder snow easily!

SkiCenter SuperDorm

Center house largest in Japan with substantial facilities.There are a hot spring and the accommodations, various restaurants, cafes, nurseries, rentals there.

Easy Stay Hot Springs

There is a natural hot spring in a skiing area. Because there are the accommodations, the long-term stay is possible, too. There is no movement from the accommodations!

TrailMap and Treerun Area


There are 7groomed slopes and 7off-piste slopes and 8treerun area.
Guidance of available"Treerun Area"
Period and time 9:30-14:00 We will OPEN as soon as the patrol.The end time is earlier is to ensure the time of any chance of rescue activities.
How to use and rules/ Wearing of helmets is mandatory.Mobile phone ( fully charged ones ) will be taken as required. We recommend a runway of more than one person as much as possible.If by any chance, be a telephone contact and search start, it takes investigation costs.
For Equipment/ Wearing of helmets is mandatory. Snowboarder is recommended bring the snowshoes.Please bring a cell phone that was registered in the emergency contact.In addition, the cellular phone should be allowed to charge fully. Emergency number 0197-72-8848

When you Ski/Snowboard, you may encounter danger such as the following.
Please keep this in mind and act cautiously when using the ski resort.

① Danger from weather such as snow accumulation, fog, strong wind, and thunderbolt.
② Danger from the terrain such as cliff, steep slope, and uneven ground.
③ Danger from snow and ice such as icy surface, powder, crevasse, tree hole, and avalanche.
④ Danger from natural obstructions such as rock formation, thickets, tree stumps, standing timber, and exposed terrain.
⑤ Danger from man made obstructions such as ski lift pillar and cableway equipment.
⑥ Danger from contact collision with other guests of the ski resort.
⑦ Danger from mistakes made by users of the ski resort themselves.
⑧ Other dangers in relation to these.

Lift Tickets and Rentls Rate[Yen]
  Off Peak 1day 5hours Nighter Twilight PairLift
Adult 3,900 4,800 4,400 2,700 4,500 3,600
Senior 3,500 3,900 3,600 2,300 3,700 3,300
Student 3,500 3,700 3,400 2,300 3,500 3,300
Age(16-18) 2,600 2,600 --- 2,300 2,300 ---
Age(13-15) 1,500 1,500 --- 1,500 1,500 ---
Age (5-12) 1,000 1,000 --- 1,000 1,000 ---
Remarks 26,Mar~End 8:30~16:30 Time Ticket 16:30~End 13:00~End 8:30~16:30

Set Rental [Yen]

  Ski or board+Boots Wear set Full set Perfection
 Age16- 3,900 3,600 6,900 8,000
 Age-15 2,900 2,600 4,900 6,000
※Ski set include ski poles
※Full set is ski set + wear set

Single item[Yen]

  Skis or Snowboard High Performance ski Boots Wear Jacket+Pants Poles Helmet
 Age16- 2,600 3,600 2,600 2,000 500 500
 Age-15 1,600 ----- 1,600 1,600 500 500

Price of
Lift Tickets

1day pass : Adult4800 student3700 Child1000.

Price of

Ski.BoardSet: Adult3900 Child2900 WearSet: Adult3600 Child2600.

Ski & Snowboard

We prepare for a daily lesson, a half day lesson. It supports all levels.


4 Restaurants and 2 Cafe Open . You can enjoy various menus including Japanese foods, ramen, curry, pasta and the pizza

Spa & Stay
the "Onsen"

Spa: Adult700 Child400 SkiersBed: 6400/par night with 2meal. There are a natural hot spring and the accommodations in a skiing area.
Accommodation Facilities
Hot Springs / Accommodation / Ski in Ski out

Right by base, this makes the perfect accommodation when riding at Geto Kogen and wanting early tracks.
Open from 16th December until end of March

Weekdays: 5,900 yen
Saturdays and nights before holidays: 6,400 yen
23th-29th December , 6-7,January:7,400 yen
30th December - 2nd January : 7,900 yen

All rates include two meals
Check in is from 3pm to 9pm
Check out the following morning is at 9am
Evening meal is from 6pm to 8pm (last order at 7:30pm)
Breakfast is from 7am to 8am (last order at 7:30am)
Entry to baths is from 10:30am to 9pm (or 10pm when night skiing)
Morning baths are from 6:30am to 7:30am
Towels and other amenities are available at the FrSkier beds"Geto camp 88"ont Desk for sale or rental
Lights out at 11pm!

Booking Geto camp 88 (Skiers bed)

The staying in Onsen Hotel,please click the banner below.





LOCATION and Access to Here

Geto Kogen is located to the south of Iwate
and is surrounded by both beautiful forests and a hot springs.Access from Tokyo and Sendai is good and can choose various means of transportation. We operate a free shuttle bus from Kitakami Station of the superexpress Shinkansen.You are late with baggage beforehand, and, as for the return, the shipment is possible, too

It's only 30 steps from the ticket gate to the bus stop

Shuttle bus timetable From Kitakami station to Geto resort

A No.1 No.2 No.3 No.4
Kusano Hotel 7:20 8:50 10:20 11:40
Nanbu Hotel 7:22 9:02 10:22 11:42
Kitakami Station 7:40 9:10 10:40 12:00
CityPraza Hotel 7:43 9:13 10:43 12:03
Semi & Irihata Onsen 8:19 9:49 11:19 12:39
GetoKogen 8:30 10:00 11:30 12:50
>>>>>No.4 operate night day only

If you come from Tokyo and use free shuttle, You should get first train in Tokyo station at 6:04AM. This train arrive to Kitakami station at 9:00AM. So you can get No.2 shuttle.
Please check JR-East Shinkansen timetable

B No.2 No.3
Kusano Hotel 8:50 10:20
Nanbu Hotel 9:52 10:22
Kitakami Station 9:10 10:40
CityPraza Hotel 9:13 10:43
Semi & Irihata Onsen 9:49 11:19
GetoKogen 10:00 11:30

Shuttle bus timetable From Geto resort to Kitakami station

A No.5 No.6 No.7 No.8
GetoKogen 14:00 16:50 19:40 22:10
Semi & Irihata Onsen 14:15 17:05 19:55 22:25
Kitakami Station 14:53 17:43 20:33 23:03
City Hotels 15:00 17:50 20:40 23:10
*No.7and 8 are Night time open day only

B No.6
GetoKogen 16:50
Semi & Irihata Onsen 17:05
Kitakami Station 17:43
City Hotels 17:50
>>>>>Weekday  *No.6 is Night time open day only


Taxis are available when you don't meet the deadline of the shuttle bus

◆Normal taxi / from Kitakamistation to Getokogen / about8000YEN /one way
◆Jumbo taxi / from Kitakamistation to Getokogen / about12000YEN /one way

*There is Normal taxi in kitakami station anytime. If you need Jumbo taxi, please ask to normal taxi driver.

Please contact us and Booking
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